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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our stork yard signs, birthday yard signs and special event signs.  If you need additional information send email to

How much do your Birthday Yard Signs and Special Occasion Lawn Displays cost?

Our Special Occasion Displays,depending on where the display is to be delivered, start at $69.00, less than 5 miles away, and up to $134.00, for up to 50 miles away. Our Displays consist of the following items.We have an economy package, for $15.00 less, which includes 8 critters, instead of 20, no card or button, cash or check only, delivery, set up, & pick up. Pricing is based on miles, gas, time, and cost of business. Remember, we have to go back and fourth, 4 times! If you are 10 miles away, and it takes an hour, that really means, 40 miles, and 4 hours. So gas would cost around $8.00, plus costs and 4 hours of time!

  • A 6 foot double sided sign, of you choice.
  • 20 critters, that goes around the big sign.
  • A gift bag filled with a greeting card, a pin or button, that someone wears & a nice letter for the recipient, telling them who this display was from.
  • Delivery, set up, & pick up.


How much does your Stork Yard Sign (Birth Announcement Display) cost?

Birth announcements, depending on where the display is to be delivered, start at $79.00, 5 miles away, & up to $139.00, for 50 miles away, which consists of the following.For $15.00 less, you can have the economy package, which includes, the same stork as the premium package, but no bears, no button for mom, no buttons for the siblings, no card for the scrap book, and only take cash or check. You will get a 7 day rental, delivery, set up, & pick up, and a baby bundle keep sake. Prices are based on miles, gas, time, and cost of business. Remember, if you are 10 miles away, and it takes an hour, that really means, 40 miles and 4 hours of time. That would be about $8.00 in gas, $7.00 to $15.00 for the baby bundle keep sake, other costs, and 4 hours of time!

  • A 7 1/2 foot double sided Stork. Choice of pink, blue, or tuxedo, which can be used for boys or girls.
  • 2 pink or blue Teddy Bears, that goes around the stork.
  • A baby bundle keep sake, with a baby's head sticking out of the bundle, for the nursery. We use professional sign making equipment, on both sides.
  • A button for mom, that says ask me about my baby girl or boy, buttons for the siblings that say, official big brother, or official big sister.
  • A greeting card for mom & dad, telling them who this display is from.
  • A letter for the recipient.
  • A 7 day rental.
  • Delivery, set up, & pick up.

We also have a 7 foot Moon & Star birth announcement, It includes everything as above, but you get a baby bundle keep sake,that has a baby's head on it, with the birth information, and 2 yellow & 2 blue stars, around the sign. We have light and dark skin tone.

We also have a 5 foot high & 5 foot long Octopus display, great for twins, triplets, or you may use for 1 baby. It includes everything as above, and a bubble keep sake, with the birth information on it.

And we have our 7 foot double sided Adorable Baby display, which includes same as above, except we put 2 baby Lambs or 2 Teddy Bears around the display, and 2 cloud keep sakes, 1 for Mom & Dad, 1 for Grandma & Grandpa, for an extra $10.00.



What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, money order, cashiers check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & American Express. All returned checks will be charged $30.00 NSF fee.


Do I need to make a reservation?

To ensure the display of your choice is not booked, we highly recommend you to reserve your display as quickly as you can.


Can you deliver on the same day?

It depends on what time, day, delivery town, and our schedule. In some cases, we can, for $25.00 extra. Same day delivery is considered, any call after 5:00 PM, to deliver that night or the next morning, for storks If you call before 5:00 PM, we will deliver a stork display, the next morning, for no extra cost. For all other displays, other than birth announcements, you must call before 3:00 pm, for delivery that night. After 3:00 pm, a $25.00 charge will be added to the cost, if you want a sign that night.


What time do you deliver the display?

We deliver our Special Occasion Displays between midnight and 1:30 am, unless we are asked to deliver a different time. Our Birth Announcements are delivered in the morning, before mom gets home from the hospital, if possible.


When do you pick up the display?

We will pick up the display after midnight that night, or the next morning. If you want an extra day, we will charge $20.00 extra, per day.


Does your display, hurt the lawn?

No. Our critters have small rods that are put in the grass, and our Special Occasion Sign is set up on top of the grass, not in the ground. Our storks get put in the ground. All it does to the lawn, is you get a free aeration. That is good for your lawn!


What is your refund policy?

We can offer a full refund, for certain situations.

  • If you cancel 48 hours in advance of the rental date.
  • If we are unable to deliver the display, due to adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, ice, or high winds. We will make every effort to deliver the display, as long as we are safe doing it.

We will not offer refunds for these reasons:

  • If we were unable to set up the display, due to an agitated loose dog, or other animal.
  • If we are given the wrong address, and are unable to reach you.
  • If the recipent requests us to remove the display.
  • If you do not cancel within 48 hours in advance. (At this time, we can reschedule, for another date).


Can we mow the lawn, while the display is still up?

Yes. But we would prefer you not to mow the lawn. If you feel you have to, we can come and pick up the display, or you can try to mow around the display. Keep in mind, if you weed wack or mow, around the display, debris can fly near the display, and damage it. We charge $15.00 per item, that is dameged due to landscapers. If we get grass clippings on our display, their will be a $10.00 charge, for clean up. We ask you not to move, or touch the sign, for insurance reasons, and if you must move the critters, because you can not wait until we come and pick up the display, you risk injury to yourself, or to the display. If you choose to move the critters, they can crack or break, if you are not careful. If we find that critters are damaged, due to moving them, you will be charged $15.00 per item, for the damage. We also know, people use landscapers & lawn service companies, and they also should not move, touch, damage, or spray, the display.


Do you deliver to a place of business?

Yes. We will deliver to a place of business, but we will need written or verbal permission from the company.